Friday, February 18, 2011

Rain! Rain!

It is raining here today.  Great big fat drops that squidge down the windows.  My chooks are huddled in a corner of their coop shaking wet feathers.  The rabbit is droopy and bedraggled.  The lemon tree is vibrant and cheerful.  The snails are partying in the front garden. 
It is a day for cocoa with marshmallows and toasted hot cross buns.
It is a day for snuggling with my little ones and reading and re-reading favourite stories.
It is a day for red wine casserole slowly bubbling in the oven spreading warm garlicky smells through the house.
It is a day for diving into baskets of luscious fibre and setting my wheel in motion.
It is a day just for being, enjoying, relishing. 
There is something so delightful about a rainy almost-Winter day in amongst the Summer.

Happy rainy day,
Keep smiling,

p.s. giveaway winners will have parcels in the mail in the next few days :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi folks,
As I missed my 100th post this a Happy February Giveaway instead.

First giveaway is a Lobethal Community Kindergarten Cookbook (featuring my infamous biscuit recipe and lots of amazing food from my amazing teaching partner - her jelly cakes, scones, and lemon nut bread are all much sought after and appear in this book!)  It is also illustrated by the kindy kids so my son's artwork appears on the dips and sauces page LOL!  Lobethal Kindergarten is possibly the best kindy in the southern hemisphere.  We are selling these cookbooks as fundraisers for $15.

Second giveaway is Shannon Honeybloom's book "Making a Family Home".  I enjoyed reading it but it is not a book I need to have on my go-to-again-and-again list so it is being re-homed.

For a chance to win simply leave either a tip on parenting/homemaking for the Shannon Honeybloom book or a quick and easy recipe idea for the cookbook (or one of each to be in both draws)
I will draw this next wednesday.

I am off to Melbourne for five days child free at a Creative Memories Conference.  My friend Meredith and I won an incentive package where we will be treated like princesses for 2 days before Summit starts.  So I am off to pack for my glam girly experience.
Have a great week,
Keep smiling,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I could be.....

I could be cleaning the house (it has got beyond crumbs to the sticky stage LOL)  I could be doing some more quilting for Queensland, or playing with all of the fibre that I bought as my school holiday supplies (and sadly didn't even take out of the cellophane).  I could be baking some yummy things to eat with my crafty friend tomorrow.  I could be doing a super-mummy thing with the t.v. addict four year old.
I could be taking photos so that I can finally do the blog give-away that was supposed to be for my 100th post but now will just have to be "because".
Instead I am just vege-ing checking other people's bloggy crafty endeavours ...vege-ing and thinking whether we have any chocolate in the house?  Mmm?
Anyone else feeling unproductive today?

Happy Tuesday
(Oh, and I swear to you that was not me doing the happy dance in the car park at Kindy yesterday - I would never feel like that after dropping my precious ones to school and preschool!) BAD BAD MUMMY!