Thursday, October 11, 2018

Taking Stock October 2018

It has been a while again hasn't it?
I was reminded by two friends quite recently that I do actually have readers here who like to hear from me. If you are lurking maybe you would like to leave me a message in the comments because you know, sometimes, blogging does feel a little like you are shouting into a void.
My friend Jill said she especially missed these "Taking Stock" posts and then Pip over at (who is a way more diligent and creative blogger than I am) obligingly put up her Taking Stock October list, and who am I to fight tradition?

Making : mitt and hat sets out of locally hand-dyed ethical merino (seriously like knitting a cloud)
Cooking : sweet potato chips out of Leah Itsine's "The Nourishing Cook" (thumbs up all around)
Drinking : coffee (but wondering if I could pretend it is Friday night and start on the red wine)
Listening to: the crackle and pop of the fire and Maddie with kids' cartoons on in the background
Reading: "Dancing on Broken Glass" recommended by one of my kindy mums, also "Yarnlandia" by Clara Parkes
Next read: "Frankenstein" as our last Ravelry Goth Reading group hurrah (start and end with Frankenstein)
Wanting: another week of holidays
Looking: at the Better Home and Gardens Christmas Special (a friend and I have a challenge to see who can buy it first each year - but I swear it is getting earlier and earlier and every year it is more disappointing than the last)
Daydreaming: in the garden - I've planted a lot of great stuff this holidays with more to go - the front garden is becoming a reality now - hedging plants in and Dan got water plants for the pond for his birthday. I have willegia and philadelphus and a flowering quince to go in and we have added a mandarin and a cumquat to our orchard.
Deciding: That life is pretty good right now, and that these holidays have been enough to sustain me for the next 9 crazy weeks
Wishing: The next 9 weeks weren't looking so gaga
Enjoying: Having all of my chicks home in the nest - even James has been home for the holidays
Waiting: For the spring weather to properly kick in - I am so cold
Liking: The way my garden looks and smells at this time of year (hello Lilac!)
Wondering: What next year will look like? Will it really be okay? Will I be able to rise to challenges? Can I find change liberating instead of scary?
Loving: Sleep-ins, and baths, and time spent with kiddos
Pondering: How amazing it is to be re-united with my pen friend after 14 years! Yay for a good use of social media!
Considering: those lovely yarn advent calendars I see popping up everywhere - a lot of money but how worth it for the excitement of a mini-skein every day
Buying: nothing - trying to curb spending
Watching:The Hunger Games movies with the two eldest - still seems bizarre to me that our Toy Story and Disney Princess Days are over
Next watch: Outlander season 4 - it has to be coming soon!
Hoping: next year holds more time for old-fashioned letters, long walks, gardening and crafting
Marvelling: at skills I didn't recognise in my children - Maddie's eye for putting a quilt together, Hannah's cake making skills, Dan finding his groove with a great group of friends
Cringing: at the list of jobs that didn't get done on the holidays (hello pantry clean out?)
Needing: faith in my own abilities, and a belief that it will be okay
Questioning: Whether I can maybe get myself into more of a blogging routine
Smelling: woodsmoke, and sweet potatoes cooking
Wearing: jeans, and my boots, and a long sleeve tee (wishing for dress weather)
Following: beautiful knitting projects on instagram
Worrying: about living on a reduced income next year
Noticing: my lilac is in bloom and my veggies are growing before my eyes
Knowing: Summer dress and flip flop weather will be here before I know it
Thinking: I have wonderful friends
Admiring: the delicate style of Alicia Paulson - she puts such beautiful colours and items together, many times I have oohed and ahhed over the photos of her home
Sorting: kids clothes, and clutter
Getting: frustrated at the lack of progress on the decluttering front
Bookmarking: healthy recipes on instagram
Coveting: a yarn advent calendar
Disliking: mean spirited people
Opening: packets of dried fruit and nuts
Giggling: at my children's sense of humour (all different, all developing their own style)
Feeling: optimistic, and terrified, and sad, all in equal measure
Snacking: on so many blueberries and mangoes - cheap and delicious this year
Mourning: the sudden loss of an acquaintance - a stark reminder not to take life for granted
Missing: my weekly walks with the school mums
Hoping: I can find a sudden passion for housework
Remembering: the fun we had with our secret Pimms group
Looking forward to: more fun with a Close to My Heart friend and her family tomorrow
Hoping: that you and yours are happy and well and enjoying this perfectly imperfect life!
I promise to be back with some crafty photos soon,
Keep smiling,