Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spinning, and Knitting, and Baking to beat the Winter Blues

Well it is Tour De Fleece time again and that means spinning everyday that the bikes are in motion.  We are all most nostalgic for all things French at the moment as it is two years exactly since our Paris sojourn.  The weather has turned decidedly icy so a fair bit of time has been spent baking, spinning and knitting and scrapping indoors.
Yay for crafty goodness!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Taking Stock..

Time for taking stock again, a tradition from Pip Lincolne over at www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com
Making : a cute little rainbow cardigan from wool I dyed and spun myself
Cooking : slow cooker meals, and lots of quick easy pasta
Drinking : decaf coffee and not enough water
Reading: Year of Pleasures by Elisabeth Berg.  She is perfect week 10 reading - kind of soothing..
Wanting: To get new hikers and break them in before week 3 term 4
Looking: at ways of decluttering over the holidays
Playing: new story cds in the car for kindy
Deciding: whether to pay more off the car loan or the mortgage
Wishing: I could have been in two places at once tonight (Dan got his orange belt at karate presentation and Hannah sang solo in the Choir at Hills Music Festival)
Enjoying: watching them both grow and blossom doing what they love
Waiting: for holidays (one more sleep!!)
Liking: my days in the bush with my kindy kids
Wondering: How long Maddie will have this cough and whether it will get worse?
Loving: the thought of 2 weeks of school holidays with my kiddos
Pondering: Whether I should take Maddie to the doctors tomorrow and how much the whooping cough/tetanus and diptheria update vaccination will hurt? I am such a sook with needles!
Considering: Whether I could sneak in one last bit of spinning tomorrow night before the Tour De Fleece starts..
Buying: Seeded sour dough from the Lobethal Bakery (best bread anywhere) and horrible pre-packed pane au chocolat for the kids since it reminds them of France and is as close as it gets?
Watching: Nothing particular - no new Downton and finished Call the Midwife on netflix so kind of inbetween tv shows at the moment
Hoping: For something good to watch soon!
Marvelling: That we got through the term!
Cringing: At the thought of two more terms fulltime.
Questioning: My ability to juggle work and family and Close To My Heart
Smelling: freshly washed hair and coffee
Wearing: p.j.s right now, but mostly jeans and my new red docs for work
Following: ravelry and pinterest and now instagram too
Noticing: that my kids have too much screen time
Knowing: that I need to change that even if it means being the bad cop these holidays
Thinking: they should go outside more
Admiring: how Dan's sensa can manage children with difficult behaviours
Sorting: a big box of old cm clutter
Getting: excited about Nepabunna
Coveting: merrel hikers
Disliking: the impending feeling of doom I get when I think about assessment and reporting, quality improvement plans and the National Guidelines Assessment that we will have next term
Opening: new circular needles and new fibre for the tdF
Giggling: at Dan's story about Granny swearing in the car
Feeling: Happy
Snacking: on Old Jamaica Rum and Raisin chocolate
Helping: Maddie learn to read
Hearing: That cough, poor little love!
Looking forward to: a surprise photography session for my Mother in Law (all of her grandies together) with photos by my awesome friend Ali Moylan
Dreaming: Of Summer!

If you would like to play along head over to Pip's blog.  
Happy holidays to all - I look forward to being back here with crafty goodness soon!