Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday sewing

After such a busy month it felt so good to get stuck into some sewing yesterday.  I was determined to clear a little space off the sewing table so UFOs and mending were a priority.  Aside from the boring and thankless task of repairing two pairs of boy's trousers and Hannah's skirt I refashioned Dan's worn out jeans into a pair of shorts and then finished a bit of suffolk fun on this little blue smock for Maddie.
Then there was a big pink and white smocked maternity top that came in a gifted bag of maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Maddie.  Hannah had clapped eyes on it and declared it perfect for her!  It has been sitting on my sewing table for most of the pregnancy and then the 10 months since.  It did actually only take half an hour to remove the cap sleeves, sew up the sides,, refashion the sleeves and add a little pocket.  She loves the result (and Daddy couldn't believe it when I explained to him that it started life as an ugly maternity top - I swear that Boy still has no idea of the unknown quantity/qualities of the woman he married LOL)
Hannah has given it the whirl and twirl of approval.
I also finished a softie horse for the Softies For Mirabel campaign.  Unfortunately the sewing table is still groaning under the weight of UFOs.  You would swear I hadn't even made a dent!  The girl and I are planning a quick trip down to Mathilda's market today so maybe I'll come home inspired to do some more later!

It's not's me...

I know we've had some good times together.  And the age difference never really worried me before.  But I've moved on you see?  Life is different with 3 small children and you have to admit that you have been getting increasingly fractious and unreliable in your old age.  It never worried me that you weren't pretty.  You were always so practical....and dependable... and I do still love you...but it is time to say goodbye.  Thank you for the good memories.
And as for YOU, well I never really liked you anyway!
Oh Yeah, Mama's got a new set of wheels!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Bibs

In the muse of Amanda Blake Soule or Alicia Paulson the kids and I did a spot of creating for Maddie in the second week of the holidays.  What do you think of her new bibs?

I had forgotten just how gross bibs get when munchkins eat solids (and my girl has some less than desirable table manners LOL)  I just used the applique stitch on my sewing machine (not even any vliesofix) and so far they have been washed about a half dozen times and are holding up well.  The bibs were a bargain pack from Spotlight.  The pens are Crayola Fabric Markers and ours are going strong after several large projects (gotta love Crayola!)

I'm thinking we might even have to do one of these to put in with the new nephew's welcome present and maybe one for my next-year-to-be niece or nephew?

There is something very gratifying about working with your children on a project (especially when they can then give it to someone else)

I'm in a creating kind of mood this morning so I am off to make a few softies for Mirabel (details at ) and make a start on some things for the wee one's birthday - yes, I at the end of next did that happen?!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Accidental Tulips - a little bit of spring

Last year Hannah chose tulips from the bulb catalogue; dutch yellow and red parrot tulips.  We put them in the vegie crisper for the required length of time, we bought bulb potting mix and special bulb food.  The tulips were duly planted, watered, watched....all for a miserable display of one straggly little flower.  We left the pot in the garden, disappointed and forgotten.  About a fortnight ago a spot of yellow caught my eye as we came up the driveway.  Can there be anything happier than an accidental crop of tulips?  Happy Spring!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Bit of Steiner Inspired Joy!

I recently did a swap with the lovely Kel from  Kel has been experimenting with dyeing fabrics and playsilks.  I swapped her some hand-dyed, handspun wool for some exquisite playsilks.  Kel has lovely clear photos of the swap over on her blog but I wanted to show you her gorgeous creations being played with.  A real surprise was the dear little dolly that she sent for Maddie.  It was love at first sight - Maddie was so excited she kept wanting to "show" me her baby (which made it difficult to get a good photo!)  "Baby" now sleeps with Maddie and is also popping up all over the house as Maddie takes her exploring!
Thank you so much Kel for such a precious gift.
Of course my beautiful playsilks have to have a beautiful home so yesterday Maddie and I checked out a local second hand shop and found a nice little wooden bookshelf to put all of our natural/Steiner inspired toys on.  It is not exactly the dream Steiner playroom but we will at least have a lovely little corner full of natural and handmade goodness.  I wanted to pick the shelf up today but alas my stationwagon has a dead battery so it will have to wait.  It is actually one of those nothing-going-right kind of days where the baby won't settle and the Preschooler wants undivided attention and inanimate objects (car, toaster, and washing machine) are all giving grief.  I think I might try Maddie with a sleep again and go and play in the front room?  Maybe I should throw a playsilk over my head and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Who knew vacuuming could be this much fun?!?

Okay, so the sun is shining brightly and there is lovely Spring breeze here today so we have thrown open all the windows and aired all the mattresses and generally banished any leftover lurgy germs that might be lingering.  With us all down with the virus I'm afraid the house looked a bit of a tip (as is wont to do when the kidlets spend too much time on the couch in a lethargy of very average childrens television while their parents heave and snuffle - yes I know BAD MOTHER ALERT but this was not a normal week LOL)

Anyway, even the kids must have sensed how great it felt to be up and doing stuff because this spot of vacuuming turned into a great play opportunity. 
My two girlies are so alike.  I have a similar photo of Hannah at about the same age sitting on the vacuum cleaner!  The funny thing is that my small son, even as a baby, would go into hysterics the minute the vacuum cleaner came out.  He was TOTALLY freaked out by it and it got so bad that I could only vacuum when he wasn't around.  This photo reminds me of just how much he is growing up - even 6 months ago this would have been his worst nightmare!
Last photo is more of Hannah's block art.  This was what she got up to before breakfast this morning.  Anyway, gotta go, more washing to hang and sunshine to enjoy!
Keep smiling,
p.s. anyone else having trouble getting photos to go in the right spots at the moment?