Saturday, February 6, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I was gently reminded by two friends today that my blog has been languishing of late.  It surprised me as I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading! It also made me realise that just because I don't have my good camera anymore I can still blog using the ipad.  So here are some photos of
"home" - we have been in for a fortnight now and it is already very livable.  There are still boxes of miscellaneous crap waiting to be unpacked in the shed but all of the creature comforts are in and it feels remarkably peaceful and settled.

I wondered if I might be sad to leave Nairne - we have wonderful memories there, but to be honest this just feels like home now.

Our mismatched hodge podge of furniture fits beautifully here.  My crafting and knick knacks fit here.  My reproduction wash basin and jug are at home on the window ledge in the bathroom. My blue jug collection rests comfortably on the kitchen windowsill.  At different times of the day this house is bathed in soft, golden light.  In the late afternoon and early morning surfaces seem to gently glow.
My chair on the front balcony - a place to sit and daydream, or knit, or even take a nap

From the front balcony

looking down the driveway

The pine tree from the back balcony - a family of grey kangaroos visits in hot weather

Graeber's farm - which I vicariously borrow as my own rural landscape.  Apparently the lambs like to gambol here in Spring.

Light streaming through the doors into our bedroom (forgive the spotty suitcase and clothes being unpacked!)

Stained glass fairy wrens (the real ones are out the back!)

This beautiful rose was a house warming gift from my friend Meredith.  The old box was found in the shed.

My rocking chair outside Dan's window

The deck - the privet reminds me of my Grandmother - they had privet along the house yard fence at the farm

The blue jug collection feeling right at home - they make me smile everytime I walk in the kitchen

Relaxing in the loungeroom with a nice glass of red and my favourite roses from Nairne ("Many Happy Returns" that my boy gave me for my birthday one year) They smell divine!

I feel so happy here. Content.
This is by no means the perfect house.  The bathrooms are a glorious late 80s apricot.  My friend visited and commented on the doorknobs all being adorned with roses - "I'd have to lose those" she said, but I am quite comfortable with embracing my inner nanna and like their olde world charm.  We have ceiling roses, and dormer windows, and french doors, and high ceilings with wooden beams.  It feels so right.

So indulge me if you will and take a walk around some of my current favourite spots.  I promise to show crafty finishes next blog post (and not to let it be so long between posts) but for now..welcome home..
The mantlepiece - my willow figurines have finally found a home.  I am looking forward to hanging Christmas stockings here!
Our front door bathed in afternoon light