Saturday, July 13, 2013

Walk Until Your Feet Fall Off!

We are now 4 days into our Paris adventure.  Yesterday was the Eiffel Tower and today Versailles.  Oddly enough, James and I are already making plans to come back without kids.  Each day we manage about 2/3rds of what we had planned before we give in to the whining and the whingeing and come home for chill out time with the little people.

I find the whole experience exhilarating and I just love the unexpectedness of turning a corner not knowing what you will find!  Such beautiful buildings!  Such a sense of faded grandeur!

LOVING this holiday - I don't want it to end!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bonjour from Paris

Well we are 2 days into our Parisian adventure and I am totally enchanted.  Our home away from home this week is a cozy little 2nd floor apartment (reached by a circular staircase of worn, wooden steps) about a 5 minute walk from the Louvre.

 Yesterday we were all shattered from the plane trip so we took a leisurely stroll over the Pont Neuf and around our local neighbourhood.  We had icecreams at Stohrs (which is where the Queen buys her bakery treats when she is in town!)

 In the afternoon we had a nanna nap..James woke me at 10pm to tell me he had put the kids in their jammies but we had all slept through dinner - damn jetlag!!!

Today we all awoke fresh as daisies and went for petit juener (continental breakfast of juice, croissants and coffee) before heading to the Louvre.  James had the foresight to buy us museum passes which meant no long queues.  We headed straight to the Mona Lisa (although it felt kind of wrong to be rushing past Reubens and Botticellis to see her!)  Because we were early we got right up close!

 Next stop was Venice de Milo and once again front row seats!!!

The Louvre itself is a magnificent building - we kept reminding the kids to "look up!!" as many of the ceilings are so ornate and works of art themselves!  I could have spent days wandering there but the kids had reached their limit.  I did push them a little as I found out that we could see "The Lacemaker" (just for you Judy and Rozzie!!!) - very glad that we took the extra time as the views of the gardens and the pyramid from that level were quite amazing too.
On the way back to the apartment Hannah found a shop selling berets so we ticked that off her to-do list!
Maddie was so chuffed with hers that the whole way home she skipped along saying "Ooh La La!!!" which I am sure caused some amusement to passers by!
We went to le supermarche and bought bits and pieces for a superb lunch back at the apartment.  It felt very French to be sitting in our own little apartment eating huge slices of camembert and brie on crusty bread.  Of course we had to have chocolate eclairs for dessert.

After another short break we set off for the Arc d'Triumph.  My little troupers managed the 247 steps to the top without complaint (and I think I am cured from my ridiculous fear of heights and confined spaces once and for all!)

Then it was a stroll down the Champs Elysee where just stopping for icecream will cost you 24 euro!!!  Still, this is the trip of a lifetime so who cares about the money? 
Tea tonight was eaten at an outdoor cafe - James and I had slow cooked lamb with French mushrooms - very French and very delicious and then chocolate mousse that was so rich and decadent that Maddie couldn't even finish hers!  And so ends our first full day in Paris.  I can't wait for the adventure to continue tomorrow - Notre Dame here we come!!!