Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yesterday I bought a sewing machine that was worth more than my first car.  I am shamelessly justifying this purchase as the last 10 years of SAHM bonuses and rationalising that if I get 10 years out of it then it is really only a couple of hundred dollars a year (or approximately the cost of getting one biggish quilt professionally quilted)  I am also justifying it by the fact that I have been working pretty hard lately and the next 5 weeks fulltime will more than pay for it (and I KNOW that when those kindy kids are being less than angelic, and those 27 school-leavers reports are looming I can smile serenely knowing that there is plenty of quality sewing time ahead.

I pick up "the new girl" Saturday morning.
Eeekk and YAY!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September finishes

Sneaking in a finished WIP for September.  I have had a headcold and been a bit blah lately so this sort of free and easy sewing was just what I needed.  I think there is a lot to be said for this kind of "no quiilt police" sewing.  This cushion uses up the leftover fabric from Hannah's Robyn Pandolph "Flirt" bed quilt and you can tell from the photos how much she loves it! Part of my problem with WIPs is that I have 3 mammoth projects on the go - the horrible machine quilting on the quilt I have lost interest in, needleturn applique borders on a quilt that probably should be hand quilted, and my Patchwork Apple BOM that needs lots of applique and intricate piecing.  I feel like life is so busy at the moment that I need brain dead projects. I need things easy to complete so I have started Maddie's strippy which will hopefully be my October finish.  It DID feel good to be able to use the shoebox full of leftovers to make this (and then put a few smaller bits into my sorted scraps!)