Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Bibs

In the muse of Amanda Blake Soule or Alicia Paulson the kids and I did a spot of creating for Maddie in the second week of the holidays.  What do you think of her new bibs?

I had forgotten just how gross bibs get when munchkins eat solids (and my girl has some less than desirable table manners LOL)  I just used the applique stitch on my sewing machine (not even any vliesofix) and so far they have been washed about a half dozen times and are holding up well.  The bibs were a bargain pack from Spotlight.  The pens are Crayola Fabric Markers and ours are going strong after several large projects (gotta love Crayola!)

I'm thinking we might even have to do one of these to put in with the new nephew's welcome present and maybe one for my next-year-to-be niece or nephew?

There is something very gratifying about working with your children on a project (especially when they can then give it to someone else)

I'm in a creating kind of mood this morning so I am off to make a few softies for Mirabel (details at ) and make a start on some things for the wee one's birthday - yes, I at the end of next did that happen?!

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