Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Brave New World

Hello from this technophobe! Hard to believe that I have embarked apon this blogging process but I guess the excess amount of time I spend drooling over other people's blogs, and the fact that I don't keep a diary anymore but still have this strange need to be accountable have led me here.

Apologies if you are hoping for enlightenment. This will be an odd assortment of crafty things, scrapbooking, perhaps a spot of gardening, favourite quotes, celebrations of milestones, and what I like to term "domestic fiction" (although perhaps not quite so fictional sometimes!) I know I will have to learn to upload photos so that will be a new challenge LOL.

And why Nellie Bligh? Because when I was a wee girl that is what my grandfather called me : "Nellie Bligh caught a fly, tied it on a string, fly died, Nellie cried, poor wee thing!" He kind of started the whole "Nell" thing. "Nellie Bligh Creations" is also the label I used when I sold things at the Spinners and Weavers Open Day last year so it just all fits.

So I guess now all that remains to be done is to find something to say (and preferrably some pretty pictures to look at!)
Keep smiling,


Lisa said...

Found you!!!
Congrats Nell on venturing into the blog world!!! I look forward to seeing more of you.


Le@nne said...

Hey Nell,
Who would have thought .. you on the web.. hey? Remember our conversations about "those websites" at Showcase in 06? LOL Great to see you've joined us on the other side..of Cyber Space at least ..

Anonymous said...

almost like one of your much treaseured letters ST

Anonymous said...

Nellie Bligh caught a fly,
Tied it to a string.
String broke,
Cut its throat
Poor little thing