Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ta Da! Finished!

Finally it is finished! This is our new Summer quilt made from the beautiful City Girl range. Very simple but I like it. Now I just have to declutter the rest of the bedroom and make some European cushions with the leftover fabric. Ironic that I finish our Summer quilt just as the weather cools!
Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers are having their Open Day at Littlehampton Memorial Hall on May 1st. This is always a great display of handspun and handmade garments and it is worth going just for the free mulled wine! Unfortunately we will be in Melbourne catching up with two of my bestest buddies for a child free weekend (yes, I know, life is so tough!) but I have been stockpiling some little knitted hats for the Guild table. This is the world's easiest beanie pattern and perfect for mindless knitting in front of the telly. Also great for using up odd bits of wool. I love to spin and knit in winter!
Cast on 80 stitches.
Knit 10 rows garter stitch.
Knit 20 rows stocking stitch.
Knit 8 Knit 2 tog, knit 8 knit 2 tog to end.
Purl 7 Purl 2 tog, purl 7 purl 2 tog to end.
Knit 6 Knit 2 tog, knit 6, knit 2 tog to end.
Continue like this until you get down to Knit 2 tog, Knit 2 tog, Knit 2 tog. Then thread wool back through remaining stitches.
You can alter and experiment with this basic pattern to use favourite stitches, make wider or narrower brims etc. I have been playing with adding tassels and felt shapes and crocheted flowers. Lots of fun!
How wonderful is it to have the rain? I have not been sleeping well lately (very frustrating) but the last two nights ... drifting off to the sound of the rain on the roof has been bliss! Somehow it always seems fitting for it to rain on Anzac Day too. Did anyone catch Better Homes and Gardens last night? Fast Ed had a luscious looking Anzac cake - thinking that might have to be an option this week!
Before the wet weather hit the kids and I were enjoying the lovely Autumn days. Our front verandah has become the favourite spot for lunch (we have an unfortunate lack of lawn and shade) Note the tea set with the teeny tiny cups and Hannah's revolting but treasured granny square blanket (she wanted one like the ones for Wraps with Love) And yes, they are hot chip sandwiches (my favourite!)
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing today, ENJOY!
Keep smiling,

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Nic Wood said...

Your just so talented! the quilt is beautiful, and the beanies are just gorgeous (I have this thing for woollen beanies atm - must be the lovely rain!)
Have a wonderful trip away - wish it was me!

Nic xxx