Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Bit of Scrapping

I have somewhat lost my Scrapping Mojo this pregnancy and have been spending a lot more time doing textile/tactile things. This month Creative Memories brought out the most gorgeous range of paper flowers and paper ribbons (all 100% photo safe) so I have been having a play.

They really are yummy and lend themselves well to cards and altered gifts as well. For our unit meeting prizes I filled an altered coffee can with chocolates and also wrapped up a couple of chockie bars. The girls had a choice between these or new product and they chose the chockies!!! I've bought a few cheap cloth journals that I want to tizzy using these flowers and ribbons one day soon.

You may remember in one of my recent posts I mentioned that my Grandfather was quite ill and not expected to return home. Pleased to say that thanks to a wonderful assessor at the Noosa Hospital he is now home and they have got lots of support lined up for him. My grandparents have been inseparable since my Grandmother was 13 years old. In recent years Nanny has become increasingly forgetful and is probably not capable of being home by herself. On the other hand, Grandad's body has been deteriorating. Separately, neither of them works properly, together they are perfect. I just love these two (crazy as they are!) and I am so glad that Grandad is home with his sweetheart.

My sister sent this photo down to me. So glad that she was able to be there for them when I wasn't.
Must go, Hannah has absconded with one of my china teacups and some of the cutlery for a tea party outside!!! The things creative little minds think of while Mummy is blogging!!!
Keep smiling,

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Nic Wood said...

You worked it out then! The LO look great - more yummy things to play with. My scrapping mojo has totally gone awol - Im so enjoying textiles etc though..might have to get some knitting lessons from you?!?!