Friday, November 20, 2009

My big grown up girl and a bit of Spring goodness

I couldn't resist photographing this bouquet from my garden (obviously taken before the heat hit!) I am a very hit and miss gardener - very much an Edna Walling devotee who likes everything growing wild and jumbly enough to hide the weeds! In Spring my garden just gives me so much joy. The idea of having fresh flowers in the house all the time just lifts my mood! Most of the roses are David Austens and the sweet peas are self sown but delicious.
The big excitement around here at the moment is that our "little" girl has started school transition. Here she is all ready this morning in her uniform and new hair ribbons! Enough to break Mummy's heart but you know I actually feel really good about her starting knowing that I have given her 6 extra months than most and that I have really done some "shopping around" to have her in the best school environment possible. She was so confident and happy to have us leave her there this morning and that speaks volumes!
Anyway, only an hour until I pick her up and my Creative Memories autoship has just arrived so I want to go and have a little play! It is raining here today, such welcome relief after the heat wave!
Keep smiling,

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