Thursday, March 4, 2010

Autumn goodness and bits and pieces

First up some Autumn goodness: fresh roses picked this morning in one of my special blue jugs, and a zucchini left a little too long in the garden - so far it has made zucchini slice, pasta with zucchini, spag bol, grilled zucchini slices and several boring steamed dinner portions LOL  At least the dog doesn't like zucchinis - he is in disgrace after eating several of my heritage tomatoes and the first cucumber for the season :(

Second is a whinge about this small boy. Doesn't he look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth?  A right little cherub?  My friend Nic took these photos when Maddie was about a week old and I just love them... but....this little boy is turning into a tyrant.  His sister was the Queen Of Tantrums - the full exorcist, head-spinning, screaming, speaking in tongues variety.  Hannah is (thankfully) outgrowing them and now Daniel has decided it is his turn.  Daniel is more the passive resistant type.  He doesn't do arm-flaying or screaming.  He prefers to let his limbs go slack, slide to the ground and begin a low keening wail that is akin to what I imagine a meat saw slicing your brain might sound like.  He can do this for hours and he gets the most mileage out of it in public places.  Which is why I am home blogging now and not at Spinners and Weavers.  There are lots of lovely older ladies at Spinners and Weavers and I'm sure some of them NEVER had children that threw temper tantrums.  He can't be trusted in public at the moment so today I am captive in my own home and might have to resort to fabric therapy, real coffee and chocolate to get me through the day. Hoping this is a short lived phase because when he is not being a little stinker this boy really is dreamy and divine.

Last, just to prove that I have been doing a wee bit of craft; some recent cropping with the new "Simply Beautiful" paper range:   
I've also been playing with hexagons - my first paper piecing attempts on some bright teatowels;and a while ago now I finished this mock log cabin cushion to go with Maddie's quilt (still not finished - but hopefully this weekend!)I was a bit excited that I put a zip into this cushion with minimal tears thanks to Sara and her excellent teaching with the Mystery Indulgence cushion we made at The Patchwork Apple last year!

Nic has requested my 8 minute biscuit recipe but it will have to wait until next time as I ate the last biscuit this morning (before photographing it!)  These biscuits don't last long in our house LOL

Hope you are having a wonderful, tantrum free week!
Keep smiling,


Write with you said...

He does look angelic doesn't he that small boy? I'm sure he will be again once he gets over the shock of having both a big sister and a small sister (poor boy!) :-) xxx Kaz

The Handmaden said...

Tantrum free week - is there such a thing? :)
We've had a few nice big zucchinis from the garden too, tomatoes are finished now.
By the way, I want that blue jug! (and the roses in them)

Jodie said...

Oh dear ! My daughter used to go all stiff and i couldn't get her into the car seat . It demented me!

Nell said...

Hee Hee, try getting them into the car seat around a baby capsule in a very crowded commodore sedan :( Like I said, there are days when I am scared to leave home!