Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Swap

The delightful Corrie from over at organised a Spring Swap.  Here in the Southern hemisphere the leaves are turning and an Autumn chill is in the air but it was actually really nice to be thinking of others enjoying Spring a world away!  Now I haven't blogged about this before now because I was worried that I might spoil the surprise for my lovely partner Inge.  Hopefully by now she has received her package and I can blog about them both.

Do you remember the sneak peak of this:
Well, it became this (using Rosalie Quinlan's stitchery pattern in "A Stitch In Time" and fabric from her Grandma's flower garden range):Which travelled to the Netherlands in this (made quickly from a block repurposed from my UFOs)
I hope Inge liked it!

Now Inge is very talented and also very lucky (she has an island "crafting" holiday away with her mother each year - I am just a bit jealous!!!)  For the Spring Swap she stitched this:Her stitching is exquisite.  Have a look at the label:and the pieces in the blocks are teeny tiny:Inge packed it all up with a lovely Spring bag, a beautiful tulip card and two gorgeous flower fabrics.  Thank you so much Inge.  It was just a beautiful swap present!
I was really so glad when my partner was from the Netherlands.  I travelled there many years ago (to visit a pen friend that I had since high school through until a few years ago)  It is such a beautiful country.
Thanks Corrie for hosting, and Inge for my lovely presents.  Time to go now before the two bigger kids do serious damage to each other.  Have to say that I am convinced (after only a few days of school holidays) that I definitely don't have the patience to home school!  The two of them have had their Easter baskets confiscated, along with several favourite toys, and are about to be banished to their rooms for an hour.  Gotta love kids LOL!


corry said...

The apron is so gorgeous! I love the fabrics and the bag you made for wrapping!! The mini quilt you received from Inge is beautiful too. She's indeed very talented!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nell,

You just need to bring out your inner schoolmarm and you'll home school just fine. ;-)|

Kylie :) said...

Hey Nell, gorgeous apron! Looking forward to seeing you at Funky Seeds soon :) Cheers Kylie

The Handmaden said...

Lovely swap items there - swaps are so much fun!
To answer your question re: knits - always use a ballpoint (jersey) needle or you won't get far. Also choose a good quality knit (Stella is great and Aussie made) without too much stretch.
I also overlock all seams so it stays nice and strong. Have a go, it's just practice, like everything else!