Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I don't do Winter...

There is a good reason why bears hibernate.
The airconditioner here is stuffed (yes, our 5 year old airconditioner is obsolete and non-functional and has required 2 different repairmen, 1 electrician, 1 trying-to-be-handy husband, 2 very hard to get fuses, a fortnights worth of patience, goodness knows how many phone calls and a whole wad of cash and is STILL non-functional)
It is cold.
It is rainy.
It is grey.
I am grumpy.
Hope your Wednesday is an improvement on mine.


Nic Wood said...

hugs to you, hope the grey clouds move on - i will make sure its nice and warm here next Monday for you ;)

Nic xxx

The Handmaden said...

Hi Nell. Thursday is better than Wednesday, I find. How about you?
Hope you can get that piece of machinery fixed soon!