Monday, June 6, 2011

More than one way to chase the Winter Blues...

You might be forgiven for thinking that I like shoe shopping, and red...
I do really love red but I hate shoe shopping.  The thought of buying 3 pairs of shoes in one day is ludicrous, but they were so cheap, and so cheerful, and I might actually feel like feeding the chooks in the muddy chookpen in those red wellies!

Something else making me happy right now is that tomorrow is Tuesday and I get to pick up the Melly and Me "Sewn Toy Tales" book from the Patchwork Apple.  I am hoping to whip up some softies from it for my friend Catherine as she has been doing Toy Society drops in the areas of Brisbane most affected by the floods. 

There are also two little knitted softies that have been UFOs for far too long and a few doll bodies that just need faces and clothes so I really should commit to finishing those before I start anything new LOL

If you like making softies and want to get involved I am happy to post your toys up to Catherine!

Now it is time to set the kitchen timer and declutter, purge and otherwise tidy this messy house!
Happy Monday,


Write with you said...

Loving the red wellies. Where did you get them from? I need some gumboots for gardening.

xx K

Nell said...

Rivers. Never been there before but will definitely be going back. Oh, and if the red ones aren't your cup of tea they had pink and black tartan, black and white check, and leopard print (roar!?!)