Thursday, July 21, 2011

When is it an official addiction?

I think I am officially a craft-book addict?  This ikea cube storage was bought specifically to hide/store my Creative Memories albums and stock but I find that it is increasingly taken up with craft books.  I just can't help myself.  I love the inspiration that I get from my little book stash (even if I cannot actually say that I've made projects from each book!)  Ooh, now that could be kind of a fun challenge...sort of like a Julie and Julia journey except with one project from each book?  Oh come on, who am I kidding?  Anyway, just wondered whether anyone else has it this bad?

I suppose it doesn't help to say that I am waiting on another instalment from the Book Depository?  And after I had ordered them I remembered that I still didn't get the knitting one that recommended! Doh!

Hope you are enjoying the school holidays as much as we are.  Today was Spinning and Weaving with a play in the park and hot chips for lunch.  Yesterday was quesadillas for lunch (homebrand tortilla in frying pan with corn, ham, sundried tomatoes and cheese, another tortilla on top, fry, flip, cut in wedges -yum!), caramel popcorn (not using that recipe again as it was more like toffee and took 2 goes and far too much time to get it right and then I had toffee from one end of the kitchen to the other LOL) with the neighbourhood kids as a footpath picnic for afternoon tea, and wooden castle painting and making (would have been easier had someone not lost the instructions!!!)

Tomorrow will be catching up with Mum's group friends - it is definitely easier to keep the cherubs busy!
Happy thursday,
Keep smiling,


The Handmaden said...

I think I'd share your addiction if it wasn't for my local library! Love the teddies!

Levin said...

I am a librarian, with a house full of books and yet still I can't resist one more beautiful craft book. And like you, I rarely make things from them :(
But, I am a firm believer that books turn a house into a home - they create warmth and comfort and they are part of who we are. So...keep buying :)