Friday, September 30, 2011

Loving Right Now..

*That our holidays have started a day early (Hannah woke up with a sore throat so no school run for us today)
*Having all of my nearest and dearest together under one roof (James has holidays too)
*My grown up baby who insists on wearing piggy tails and dressing herself - is there seriously anything cuter than a not quite two year old in piggies?
*That her new favourite phrase is "but I LOVE you!" with a big smoochy kiss
*The prospect of a bit of sewing/quilting/mummy time with my gorgeous quilty friends tomorrow (and there might even be a little bit of good food and good wine and good coffee, and I know there will be lots of talking and projects shared)
*The feeling of satisfaction that comes with the end of a busy term and the prospect of two long, lazy weeks ahead
*The luxury of a second cup of coffee and catching up on favourite blogs while my children entertain each other
*The prospect of two new baby quilts for two of my dearest friends - the thought that maybe I will make a start this weekend
*Knowing that a friend who was going through a tough time will be receiving unexpected flowers
*Seeing my local community once again rise to the challenge when one of our little families experiences tragedy

We live in such a special place.  Despite 3 days of rain and miserable weather I feel like I have such a lot to be thankful for this morning.
Have a fabulous weekend,
Keep smiling,

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