Friday, February 24, 2012

A bit of this and that...

Well since I last blogged there has been a fair bit of kindy work, and a fair bit of Creative Memories "work" (if you can call training at a 5 star resort "work" LOL) but there has also been a bit of cropping using Chris Lothian's fabulous "Fast Formulas".

There has been a bit of spinning (more "Ivy" and some "Happy" from Kathy's fibres)  I think I am addicted to Navaho plying!!!

There has also been some more knitting for charity.  The pink one with the heart is going to a friend's new baby girl.  The heart is a bit crooked but I am hoping that is part of the handmade charm!  This wool is so delicious and soft to work with that I am dreaming of a Baby Surprise Jacket (Toddler version) in lime and watermelon stripes for Miss Maddie.

Amongst other things there has been a slow and tentative start on my February WIP - all I can say is thank God for leap years because I am going to need the extra day this month if I am to get it finished LOL

Happy friday,

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