Friday, October 25, 2013

Sometimes All It Takes is Time

The funniest thing has happened this Spring.  We had a rose at the back of the house that was planted when Dan was newborn.  It never flowered.  Lots of lovely green foliage. No flowers.  One year I almost ripped it out.  Last year, for the first time, we got a few pretty blooms.  This year it looks like this:

 It has even threatened to take over the roof of our house.  The blooms are ENORMOUS.  Because it is tucked at the "dead" corner of the house I had not even noticed it recently.  Today, when I finally had an afternoon to just breathe, and be, and take the time to smell the roses I discovered it in all its glory and it was a bit of an epiphany to me that sometimes all we need is time.  Some children take longer to "bloom" than others.  Some gardens evolve over time.  Sometimes, when we are time poor, we miss noticing small but important things.  I love that you can always measure time in the garden.  I love the changing of seasons.  The watching of growth.  In the 7 years that we have lived here I have been desperate for my garden to grow - to have trees and privacy and a garden that I can pick a posy in all year round.  Finally I have that now.  You can hardly see our house from the street anymore.

And despite the weeds I still think we have the loveliest garden in the street.  Happy Spring!

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