Monday, May 26, 2014

Quiet time

Aagghhh! My cherubs brought home a gastro bug with them early last week.  It clung and persisted and knocked all bar Sir James in its wake.  I succumbed Thursday and ended up in bed for days unable and unwilling to eat.  Now it is Monday and the two big ones have gone back to school, bright eyed and well, and the littlest and I have one more day at home to just be.  To get back to normal. To get on top of the washing. To just sit and knit and chat and cuddle.  I am preparing for Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers Open Day.  I am toying with the idea of an etsy shop for anything that doesn't sell.  I am thinking about slow cooker meals and the big chunks of meat at the bottom of our freezer.  I am watching our new chooks and waiting for eggs.  I am smiling at the tree dahlia.  I am lamenting the state of the garden and the onset of Winter. I am mostly tired.  Exhausted.  It feels like today needs to be a slow day.  A  day for thinking and planning and recovering.
What about you?
What are you doing this Monday?

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