Sunday, May 24, 2015

Winter Weather Equals Knitting

Funny how the minute the weather turns a knitting frenzy sets in.
I find myself klick clacking most days even if it is just a row or two while waiting.
Our Guild has Open Day next weekend so there has been some last minute knitting for that as well as some finishing of projects.
This is the Olivia Cardigan from Nikki Van De Carr's beautiful book "What to Knit The Toddler Years" - a joy from start to finish, handspun angora/merino from Ixchel Bunny.  This makes me want another little girl just to see her wearing it (don't worry - not about to happen LOL)

Hannah's Vivonne Bay hat (after the first one was a bit snug and snaffled by Maddie) This is such a great pattern (free on Ravelry from my talented friend Jude) This is knitted in possum/merino and I had less than two inches of yarn left.  Nothing like yardage chicken to get your heart racing.
And this is a Katia Park Avenue scarf destined for the Guild table.  I do wish this girl would stop growing up.  We've just had early birthday celebrations with her two besties and I was surprised at how grown up their conversations are getting.  So not ready to head into the teen years yet.

All of these projects can be found on my ravelry page (where I seem to hang out a fair bit these days!)
Happy knitting!


Archeage Girl said...
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Kelly Casanova said...

Oh my goodness, the cardigan is stunning! The colours are gorgeous and it looks so soft and wearable. Love the hat and scarf too, your knitting production is about 100% better than mine at the moment, I did start a beanie for one of my girls but frogged it and haven't tried again! Weaving seems to take up most of my time.

Nell said...

I laughed when I saw you were weaving. I got a 12" knitters loom for my birthday. I love it but haven't played as much as I would like!