Sunday, September 6, 2015

Taking back September..

I used to like September.  Spring is my favourite season.  I have always been more in tune with Spring than any other season.  I have always been able to wake up one morning sometime around September 1st and sniff the air and exclaim that "Spring is Here!"  But sometime a few years ago everything changed.  Suddenly September is a month of pain, and worry. Partly it is because by September my Vitamin D levels have dropped to way beyond acceptable leaving me teary and emotional, but mostly it is because over the last few years September has been a miserable month for many of my friends and family.  This year, already, barely a week into September, my Mum is sick with low blood pressure, my friend is mourning the anniversary of losing her son 6 years ago, my best friend is mourning the loss of her baby a few years ago, I am remembering my Grandad who passed away in September.  Today my high school friend lost her grandmother. Tuesday we will celebrate a sweet girl who should have been turning 11.  At work we have been making meals for 3 families who are going through tough times. At home I am waiting for the inevitable sad news that two friends have lost their partners to the Big C.  September is crap. September sucks.  Which is why tonight I am letting myself indulge in a pity party, and tomorrow morning I will wake up and I will look for the good things, and I will grasp them with both hands.  I know that life can't always be perfect which is why I will ride this wave and come out the other side.  Hold close to those you love. Help those that you can in the little ways that you can. Know that you can't change some things. Try to find the good..

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