Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

Ah, those long, lazy days between Christmas and New Years that just seem to fall off the calendar.  I honestly think they are my favourite days of the year.  This year of course they are doing double duty as "packing days" and that is kind of fun and kind of painful.  They are also a welcome respite after Christmas with gastro - the gift that kept giving! Christmas was somewhat of a write off so I am especially appreciative of these slow crafty days to recuperate.

Unfortunately my camera is dead (dropping onto slate floors from a bar stool will do that I'm told)  I am trying to be brave but I adored that camera and I feel almost bereft without it.  The plan is to sell a heap of stuff we don't need and use the money towards a slightly smaller, newer model.  It will still be a nikon as I don't think I can do without the Nikon portrait feature.  The loss of the camera means that there won't be a lot of photos of us looking green and bilious opening presents LOL I do always complain about having to scrap 5 lots of Christmas photos so I suppose every cloud has a silver lining!

There has been plenty of crafting - I knit another fluffy little cardi Christmas afternoon, and then yesterday I did more on Hannah's red flannel mitts and Maddie's school cardigan.  There has also been some spinning as I try to get the stash under control before the move.  And I have dabbled with a bit of papercraft too.  Just throwing around ideas using January's SOM and our beautiful new Charlotte range which will be available January 1st.

Mealtimes have been erratic while we were all sick and now they are about to get unusual as I make an attempt to eat from the freezer and pantry.  The freezer seems to be full of chicken drumsticks and bits of mystery meat (possibly lamb backstraps?) and lots of frozen cherries.

I am feeling quite wierded out by the move - are we doing the right thing? Are we crazy? Will the house feel "right" once we move in?  Will there be things that drive us crazy about it?  Will I ever get over leaving my beautiful craft room (sob sob sniffle)?

The 3 times I have been there the peace I feel is overwhelming.  I hope that stays with us when we move.
Wishing you a wonderful start to 2016.
Keep smiling,
Nell49 WOODSIDE ROAD, Lobethal, SA 5241


Ria said...

Good Luck with the move! Wishing you Peace, Tranquility, Joy, Happiness and Creativity in your new home!

Nell said...

Aww. Thanks Ria! Wishing you a wonderful 2016 too!