Monday, November 14, 2016

November is the new December

Arghhh! That horrible feeling that comes with rush, rush, rushing to get so much done in so little time.  Transitions and change - big kindy kids moving to school, little kindy kids moving to kindy. My own children transitioning into new classes, new body shapes, new teeth..
Mostly, at the moment, I feel old (which is laughable given how many wonderful ladies I know turning 70 this year!) and I feel tired (full moon tonight - a super moon that hasn't looked so big since 1948, what do you reckon the chances of sleep are?) Most of all I feel like I need to stop the words, and the white noise, and just hunker down in a quiet space and knit.

That is exactly what I would do if I didn't feel the responsibility that comes with 2 jobs and a family of five.

Instead I will make the lunches, and defrost the scones for grandparent's day, and help DD pack for school camp, and make party bags and icecream cake for youngest DD's birthday sleepover.  I know that it will all get done.  One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.  For as busy as we are, we are blessed with a free, peaceful country, and a good life.

And in just 5 weeks time everything will slow down and then I will find a quiet space and knit..
p.s. how much does this photo make me happy? A happy snap on our way back from the kid's Photography exhibition.  That door and Maddie's jumper go exactly with our new Sea Glass paper.  There is another shot that I am saving for my Christmas cards this year - easiest photo shoot EVER.
Sorry to be a tired grump-alot. Hope you are finding some breathing space where ever you are!

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