Monday, June 12, 2017

Scrap Happy!

Scrap quilts, Scrap booking, Scrap Wool Projects. Seems like I just can't get enough of scraps at the moment.  I am not sure if it is growing up on a farm in a big family that has made me frugal, or just part of the something from nothing/make do and mend philosophy but scrappy projects just give me so much joy!

I just finished prepping for this month's card buffets and then gave myself permission to play. Things weren't coming together well for me at all until I started to pack up and was fiddling with my scraps..bam..the mojo hit and I was well into the 5th page before dinner.

I have set myself a Winter Scrap Challenge with my wool basket.  My woolly projects have kind of got out of hand in the loungeroom so while I was cleaning up for the birthday sleepover of the century akka Hannah turns Teenager I put all of my partial balls/scraps in one basket.  I have since made 4 hats (the two crocheted ones are no pattern but the knitted ones are little "Quynn") and I am halfway through a pair of socks and the basket hasn't diminished at all.  I also made this little "Milo" using scraps too.

My next thing of course is to get my fabric organised so that I can make some more scrap quilts.  There are a few current quilting projects that I need to finish first though; Briony's quilt, the disappearing 9 patch for my folks, Hannah's Christmas quilt and Emmy Lou's Braids which was started a million years ago.

Disaster struck this week.  My kids were fighting in the back of the car and then when we got home the computer (which was in the back of the car) wouldn't work.
The screen is cracked.  I feel quite bereft but thankful that at least it is only the screen and the hard drive will be okay.  NOTE TO SELF: back up EVERYTHING ASAP.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, blogging is a bit tricky until we get the technology sorted so don't be surprised if I am missing in action for a short while, and apologies that none of these photos have been edited.

Until next time,
I hope you are savouring your scraps too?
Keep smiling

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