Friday, September 15, 2017

Australasian Blog Hop - Cats and Bats

Welcome to the Australasian Blog Hop for September.  This month we could choose to focus on either "Cats and Bats" or "Falling For You".  Hello to those who arrived from Doreen's Blog and also to regular readers and new readers!

Now I am not big on Halloween.  I don't personally like ooky spooky things and I just honestly feel like there is nothing Australian about it - we don't need to borrow someone else's celebration, so I was really glad to see that "Cats and Bats" can also work really well for non-Halloween subjects.  It worked well for my son's October birthday and also exceptionally well for school themed photos.

One thing I was really happy about is how well it works with Willow and Emerald cardstock (I may have over-ordered those two colours at some point LOL)

I even found that the compliments could be easily tweaked to suit my purposes.  Did you notice how I turned "Halloween" into "Hello Ten"?  I think my favourite thing about this pack was those glittery black stars - so many of them and they work on just about any page!

I also really wanted to play with our new Make It From Your Heart Volume 3 so you might find that patterns 29 and 30 look familiar?

So now on to Kara's Blog
Thanks for reading!
Keep smiling,

p.s. I do plan to play with Falling for You before my workshops next month so check back later this month for a blog post featuring it!


Doris Taylor said...

Yes I am not big into Halloween but it was easy to use the Bats and Cats collection for other themes. All of your layouts are lovely.

Shaunna Richards said...

What a great range of layouts Nell. I love how you have turned Halloween on it's head!

Unknown said...

Your pages look so much fun!

Vandra said...

I love the bright green pages the best. Great projects. Fun!

Kathleen said...

Amazing layouts!! This does work well for subjects other than Halloween as your beautiful layouts show! I was wondering why in the Australian Blog Hop I had not seen anything Halloween--so it IS a U.S. thing, then. Now I know. Do you have any special holiday that is something from your corner of the world?

Nell said...

Hi Kathleen, while Halloween isn't at all Australian, it is becoming quite a big thing here. My sis celebrates it and in my old neighbourhood we got trick or treaters.
Australia doesn't really have many of its own holidays - Australia Day (which contentiously celebrates White Settlement on Jan 26th) Anzac Day (which celebrates war veterans - initially the first World War but now generally including all soldiers) and Remembrance Day which does the same thing. I would kind of like to see us have a holiday for the Melbourne Cup (which is Australia's biggest horse race) but we don't and instead have a few public holidays that are still a hangover from our British Colonial past - like Labour Day and Queen's birthday. I've always thought it odd that we would rather adopt Halloween than Thanksgiving - if I could adopt an American holiday I think thanksgiving would be much better! I love the idea of everyone being a bit more grateful for what they have! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!