Thursday, January 21, 2010

Op Shop Finds and Book Stuff

Does rocking Maddie's bassinet with one hand and blogging with the other constitute legitimate time spent "settling the baby"?  The other two have disappeared harmoniously into Hannah's pigpen so no doubt I will pay for that later but right now I am just enjoying the peace after a night of sleep deprivation (now if this coffee cup would just fill itself up...)

Pip over at is having a blog tour so there are lots of good reasons for some serious blog oggling (so many creative people in the world!)  I don't quite feel trendy enough to be totally at home amongst that list but oh the inspiration!!! are running a Children's Handmade Book Exchange.  Hannah loves to create her own books (and has been on paper rations after squirreling away some of my craft patterns to draw and cut up on LOL) so this will be perfect for her!  A lovely way to validate children's work too!

I got to spend yesterday cropping with some lovely friends so that was just WONDERFUL.  I will try to post some page layouts later but for now here is the latest in op shop goodness - we had what I consider a red letter op shop day:
We went looking for the basket for Hannah's fairy garden and came away with a big one for her and this smaller one for Dan (that we didn't end up using so it now has strips of fabric in it LOL), 4 gorgeous little outfits for Maddie (who needs more clothes like a hole in the head but none cost more than 50cents so who could leave them there?  And pink gingham and candy stripes?!?!) A copy of Sense and Sensibility (which was on my reread list) and a book of Adam Lindsay Gorden poems which contains one of my favourite quotes:
"Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand like stone;
kindness in another's troubles, courage in your own"

A huge stack of heavy old fashioned butter knives (my favourite kitchen tool for lifting off biscuits, spreading silky smooth icing, mixing scones, and buttering toast)  I really only wanted one or two of these but the whole bundle was $1 so I will keep what I need and then thought that I will chuck one into the basket next time we take fresh scones to a friend.  My favourite find however has to be this little blue jug.  I have a bit of a collectors thing happening for little blue jugs.  This was to go in Maddie's room but hasn't left the kitchen table yet.  You've gotta love the op shop - it is seriously better than going to the movies!Have a lovely Thursday!
Keep smiling,

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