Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hmm...What is it about a New Year that sees me doing strange things like cleaning up the linen closet and attacking my sewing table? I am the world's worst at New Years Resolutions. Every year I make the same ones! Every year the minute the music to "so this is Christmas, and what have you done" starts wafting through shopping centres everywhere I start getting an acute attack of the guilts and thinking about unfinished projects, a house full of clutter, letters not written, commitments not kept...

My other half laughs at me. He doesn't believe in New Years Resolutions (especially if you never actually fulfill them) James is all about "maintaining the status quo" which is probably just as well; a calming influence around someone that bounces from one unfinished thing to another :)

So anyway; here they are again, just for the sake of it:

1. Be a better friend. I am blessed with the most wonderful friends both here and interstate and I just don't catch up with them as much as I should. And I'm hopeless with birthdays. Did I forget yours? Sorry. Consider this an apology. I'm not promising to remember this year, or to write to you more often either, or even to gossip with you on facebook, but I will "resolve" to try harder.

2. Be a better housewife. I so do not like cleaning, but while I am the SAHM I guess it is part of my job description. I need to get back into flylady. I also need to learn not to obsess on days when the crumbs overwhelm me - the cherubs won't be little forever.

3. DECLUTTER. No further comment.

4. Keep my front room tidy (I've actually made a pact with Miss Hannah for this one after the dearly beloved pointed out to me that I couldn't be too mad about the mess that is her room while she had my front room as an example!)

5. Be more patient with the cherubs/be a better Mum. This would be easier if someone wasn't always crying/wanting to be fed/annoying their siblings/having a tantrum. Some days I ace this one, other days I think I need parent helpline on speed dial LOL

6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Thrift - I am actually getting a buzz out of this one. We are using fitted cloth nappies for Maddie and they have worked out so well that I am now worried we won't get through the box of newborn disposies that we bought for emergencies before she outgrows them. I'm actually thinking we will go totally cloth with no disposies at all. We have been using earthballs in the wash since September and I love them (aside from the environmental impact Dan's excema is totally gone!) I am also enjoying making projects entirely from my stash and reading other people's blogs and books like Handmade Home.

7. Finish things! "Things" like our wedding album, and the dresden plate friendship quilt I started with Apple Piecers before I had Hannah, and the project I started for Judy's 70th, and the dress I started for my baby niece Caitlin (who is now a very tall eight year old!) Generally I start the year off on a good note, getting lots done in January and February by using the rule that I have to finish two existing projects before starting a new one.

8. Be grateful - I have such a wonderful life. I have so much to be thankful for. I need to learn to appreciate things more!

No doubt there are other smaller ones but I think that is it in a nutshell. No photos this time (hard enough to feed a baby and type with one hand and I figure if I don't post now it will be Feb before we know it!)

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Nic Wood said...

what a great list of things to work on - but I think you are already a great Mummy, a wonderful friend, a multi talented crafting inspiration - as for the housework and the de-cluttering, I think thats just an ongoing thing in the life of a SAHM - oh and it often really gets in the way of playing, and crafting and other fun things - it will all still be there tomorrow!!

Nic xxx

PS glad the nappies are going so well! are you using cloth wipes as well?