Monday, August 16, 2010


Isn't it funny how a little distance can give you a whole new perspective?  I spent the weekend in Brisbane having a super time with these girls at our annual Creative Memories Conference;
While I was there Maddie got to hang out with Auntie Kaz (my gorgeous sister) and wouldn't you know it she was the model child - going four hours (sometimes more) between feeds and having several decent sleeps each day LOLThe conference was three full on days and by the time I returned last night I was missing my little people and my man SOOOO much.  When I saw my two sweet cherubs waiting at the top of the gangplank for me it was all I could do not to break into a run and shamelessly mow down anyone in front of me!  We have had so much wet weather lately and I confess that I have been feeling run down and not altogether happy with the piles of washing and crumbs that come with SAHM status.  A little break away and a bit of vitamin D does wonders for your perspective.  Like Leanne Beasley from states in her book I am "Living the Dream - being surrounded by family and friends and screaming three year olds"  - sometimes when you are immersed in the dream day in day out it can turn a little like a nightmare so it was refreshing to come back with a new perspective and renewed enthusiasm.
I LOVE my Creative Memories business for the unexpected opportunities it gives me to step out of my Mummy shoes.  Each year I get two trips away (Showcase and Summit) and I have been given opportunities that I never would have thought of - things like living it up in a 5 star luxury heritage hotel in Cairns, cruising Sydney Harbour on a private yacht, seeing Vanessa Amorossi close our conference, spending time at Sanctuary Cove with one of my best friends and my sister (both got to meet my new Maddie when she was only 8 weeks old)  Silver Service feels so good when you're used to sausages and vege - and to have a turn down service with no crumbs or duplo bits in your bed can be a little slice of heaven LOL!  I feel so blessed to have opportunities with this amazing company and always enjoy time spent with my beautiful, fun-loving team.  I know I don't often talk about my business much here but if you would like to know more please check out 
This trip Maddie and I got to catch up with my parents too - such a special time!

So now I am back to an Adelaide winter and guess what? When we got home late last night I noticed that one single daffodil had decided to show its sunny face - which means that Spring can't be too far away!!!

Leaving you with my most recently finished quilt - a dresden plate friendship quilt that was started in the days before children LOL!  The scalloped edges were a class with Sara from the Patchwork Apple.
Have a happy week!
Keep smiling,


Anonymous said...

Ah, I am so so sorry we didn't get to catch up! Hope you received my explanatory email - everyone is insane.
Glad you had a good trip - I really really hope we can catch up next time!!

Anonymous said...

I am back to reading my favourite blogs and just read this post. Ah, Nell! Next time you are up our way, please please please, let me know. I would love to catch up.

x Catherine