Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tyranny of Distance

I spent Sunday feeling very sorry for myself (not least because this Queensland gal is over the horrible SA Winter!)  I was grumpy because Thursday my lovely SIL had her birthday (and I was missing her and wanting to be back in the UK sunshine!)  Then Saturday my bestest buddy in Sydney had her birthday (and her sweet cherub turns one this week too)  It feels like it has been far too long since we caught up.  Sunday was my Mum's birthday - and we haven't seen her since February.  Sunday I also decided to call my friend Judy in Melbourne only to find that she was just back from the Lacemakers Retreat that I used to go on with Melbourne friends.  I moved out of home almost 20 years ago.  I moved interstate (Melbourne) in 1997.  I moved to SA in 2001.  When am I going to stop missing people and places?  Distance sucks.  Don't tell me the world is getting smaller.  Skype and email and facebook ...none of them even come close to a real hug.
I promise to be back with a happy chatty post soon but for now I just want to grump!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Nells, in a little over a week you'll be here in Sunny Qld and the olds will be fawning over Maddy. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey! Was just gonna write something nice...and hear you're going to be here! I know how busy busy trips home are, but if you have the chance would love love love to catch up with you and for all the new babies to meet each other (two of yours, one of ours!). We have a spare room and mattresses and travelcot etc if you want some time in inner city Brissie - more than welcome! Email me - hnahrung@optusnet.com.au - for ph no etc...be great to see you!xxx
(forced out of stalking for the sake of a real life catchup!)