Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Right at this moment I'm loving...

The cheekiness of this wee one - the joy she gets from peek-a-boo, pantry raids, stacking and unstacking absolutely everything/anything, and her food philosophy that everything tastes better if you throw it on the floor (we have coined a new phrase here; "floor toast" as in, "Maddie, what have you got in your mouth??? Oh, only a bit of floor toast!")
Playing with some felt embellishment and needle felting (except I broke my last two needle felting needles yesterday - thankfully it is Spinners and Weavers tomorrow so I can get more then!)

My new blue suitcases - an impulse buy from Mathilda's markets on the weekend - I'm thinking these will be so good for WIP in my scrapping/quilting room.

That these two will be going to find good homes in Pip's Softies for Mirabel drive (and yes, I deliberately parked them in front of my new red spotty suitcases which I also LOVE)

Reading more crafty goodness (business has been so good the last two months that I am afraid I have spent cosiderable profits on online bookstores and craft patterns and impulse buys!)

Really not loving that I am procrastinating big time over writing my two upcoming public speeches, and that the floor needs sweeping (again - sigh) and that Mt Washmore is getting taller every day (go away rain!)
Happy Wednesday!
Keep smiling,


Nic Wood said...

Loving those little suitcases! and the 'floor toast' - classic!

Nic xxx

PS nice to see a few new books for the mobile library ;) xxx

Anonymous said...

Maddie is so gorgeous. I am looking forward to the day that my lil Harry starts messing about on my white tiled floors!

x Catherine