Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the fourth day of Christmas....

I'm dreaming of  a white little niece and nephew live in the UK and it is snowing there at the moment so this was the Christmas gift I sent back with their Daddy this week:
"Heath" (so named for my nephew) - beautiful roving hand-dyed by and spun and knitted by me.
Ruby's hat and mittens are in Kathy's "Happy" colourway.  This is the first time I have knitted mittens.  Thankfully Kathryn from our Spinners Group found an easy pattern for me. 
I like this colourway so much that I am imagining a little winter dress for Maddie in the same yarn.

Expect to be totally swamped by Christmas posts over the next few days as I am way behind on Nic's 12 Days of Crafty Christmas challenge and we leave for Qld later this week!

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Anonymous said...

Well Nell, You are hard at it!
I see you have ticked the first of the things off our blood pact, with the completion of the mittens.
Good on you.
I have nearly finished the back of Jasmyn's cardi.. YAYYY!!!