Sunday, March 25, 2012

family time

Not a lot of crafting happening here lately because we have been having family time.  First my sis and mum and gorgeous little China Doll of a niece down from Queensland for a few days and now James' brother visiting from the UK.  Lovely time.  Family time.  Makes me miss them all so much more.  Makes me so very, very grateful for all that I have.

And while we are talking gratitude.  Tonight I started work on my soon-to-be-born-niece's quilt only to find that my quilter's pins all got left behind at our last quilt gathering so I had to hand-baste.  You know, we modern day quilters, we've got it pretty good!!! Thank goodness it was only a cot quilt!!!

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kpmidd said...

Awww... how nice, you got to have cuddles with your little niece!