Thursday, November 29, 2012


Tomorrow she is three.  This baby of mine. The last little one who was supposed to stay little forever.

I remember when she was newborn; my surprise tiny girl when I was expecting a big boofy boy, born with the cord around her neck and took the longest moment of my life to take her first breath.

Even as a baby she didn't like to sleep.  She didn't want to miss anything.

As a toddler she was inquisitive, feisty, and always up to mischief.

She is determined.  She is stubborn. She is a tough nut and rarely afraid of anything.
She is loving, and cheeky, and our little clown.
She is my little ray of sunshine and I love her to bits.

Happy Birthday Maddie Moo, I DO LOVE YOU!!!xxxx

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Mamie Girl said...

She is so super cute! Happy birthday Maddie!
She is so grown up and clever I thought she was nearly a kindly girl.

In return to ur comment- please don't think I was pestering you, I was meaning next year;). We will craft up more than a storm we will craft up a hurricane!