Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spring Things

I get ridiculous about Spring.  I always have.  I always will.  I may have been born in Autumn but Spring is my season.  I love that first delicious day when you wake up and Spring is just "in the air".  I love getting excited by new growth and new discoveries in the garden.  I drive my husband crazy with plans for spring planting, and cries of  "come and look at this!" and while he is pretty good-humoured about it, it really is not his thing, which is why I have a blog of course.  I can ramble here and you can take it or leave it! I can show you new asparagus shoots (asparagus that I thought was dead after the small boy light-sabred it and the small rabbbit chewed what was left!)  It is now looking so healthy that I am tempted to pick a few crowns..

I can show you roses that were newly planted in the Winter before last and have now come into their own; huge swags of lavender full of sweet native bees that tumble and roll amidst the fat blossoms; armfuls of cut roses brought inside to be arranged in cheery blue jugs, and cut glass and tin cans; so many that I am thinking of leaving a bunch on every doorstep in the street with a note saying "come and pick a bunch and give it to someone who needs it"
I am excited, so excited, by our raspberry canes (3 out of 4 taken from cuttings from school) - will we have juicy berries this year or next?

And our cherry tree, our cherry tree - planted last season, has six cherries on it!!!!
The plums are covered in fruit this year too, and my clematis has run riot all over the fence.  Last night, on dusk, the birdsong was incredible.  Oh Spring garden I just LOVE you!!!!

I will be back later to share some sewing exploits (including a cautionary tale!) but before I go, just one more bit of Spring goodness - Kathy's Spring Fibre Club "Spring Bouquet" which was such fun to spin.  I'm thinking this might be a nice little shrug for the Madster.
Happy Spring!
Happy Sunday!

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Mamie Girl said...

Hey Nell, love your spring post. It's cold her in the big apple. I have been to the purl but didn't buy wool, I bought felt and fabric ;) so so awesome !!!! We're going to the museum today. I can't say that I am missing you guys, this is the best Holliday ever. Luke is having a ball with his grand peeps. Say hi to lee, tell her that we are walking a lot and eating amazing food. Lots of love xxxxxxooooooooo