Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Endings and beginnings

What a lovely lazy New Year's Day.  Last night I finished Lil and Will, bringing the total to 7 quilts for 2012.
Today I finished my MIL's sock, her scarf (which has only needed 3 rows and the fringe since last August!!!) this little baby jacket  (which I suspect would look better on a baby) and this sweet little rainbow hat for a friend's little rainbow baby.

Then, because it is the dawn of a whole new year and I was feeling reckless I cast on Hannah's poncho and this sweet little dress bodice from the Debbie  Bliss magazine that I borrowed from our library.
I felt good because both of these projects will come from my stash (and I will start the year really trying to shop from my stash!)
Hope you had a great start to your new year too!


AJ said...

Well Done on the quilt finish! I do love your little typo though...2013 has only just begun and already you've finished 7 quilts! ;)

The Handmaden said...

7 quilts, how awesome! Hope you get to fit in lots of crafting this year too :)

Mamie Girl said...

How did i suddenly miss three blog posts? Love the rainbow hat, so beautiful!Looks like you had a lovely christmas. Also I woke up one night realising that i gave you all the wrong email adress- just drop the .au- could you let the others know, no rush though.