Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Stuff

Oh holidays I love you!
There has been lots of good stuff here lately.
A spontaneous trip to the local op shop for a copy of "Black Beauty" unearthed some great treasures including a new summer handbag (still with the tissue paper in it) a kids weaving loom, books for all three children, 2 new summer skirts for me and a cute 50c dress for Maddie, 2 balls of 50c wool for my Tassie hats project, a set of vintage glasses and a couple of cute china plates, some 20c zips for more humbug bags, a cute red and white checked tablecloth and a yummy basket perfect for showing off my skeins or knitting projects.

There has been LOTS more knitting!  My friend Lea-Anne and her lovely daughter came over last week and   Lea-Anne was playing the part of my conscience and making me finish things!  This is the Tassie hat collection so far.  I have had fun playing with odd snippets of leftovers to mix and match combos.

I have become re-inspired to keep knitting my Lightening Speed - only about 21 rows from the end now!

And in between all the crumbs, sibling rivalry wars, clutter and chaos there has been lots of dramatic play!  There have been sleepovers, puppet shows, countless iceblocks, water play, swimming, lazy t.v. watching, fashion parades and play dates. Tomorrow the cherubs head off to Granny's for a few days and I start back at work and so begins another school year..
Happy remainder of the holidays to you!

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Mamie Girl said...

Hey Nell. I was thinking about u today and wondering if u were back at work this week? Kicking myself I missed crafty day!!!!!!!!!