Monday, February 4, 2013

Settling into the New Year

Well, the two big cherubs have settled back into school - both have new classrooms and new teachers but felt comfortable enough at school that they were not phased in the least.

Maddie and I are settling into a slower pace.  Glorious days filled together pottering.  I am happy in the knowledge that there will be gardening, and crafting, and stories and tickles and the odd baby cino.  Right now it seems to be quite a lot about knitting.  I know. Knitting. In Adelaide. In Summer.  It is kind of odd I admit but I am like a woman obsessed!  I have finished another sock.  I have made progress on LightSpeed and Maddie's Debbie Bliss Pinafore, and I have almost finished the first panel of Hannah's poncho.

I finished this in just a few days.  Mobius cowls are intriguing to knit - especially as I am not maths brained enough to work it out so each round is as intriguing as the last!

There has also been plenty of scrapping (February Birthday range is awesome!)  The plan is to get 2012 totally done with by the end of February (no mean feat when the kids each have an album and we have a family album and a Christmas album!)  My friend Amy was even my first "guest designer" - head over to www.bananarunkin.blogspot to check her layout out!

Happy Monday! Have an awesome week!

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Mamie Girl said...

Hohhot your the best!
Yup I did and somehow took ur white pen!!!