Monday, December 16, 2013

Taking it for Granted

Today I was in an op shop when this ridiculous couple began bickering over who saw a piece of vintage enamelware first and who (out of the two of them) was going to buy it.  They went on and on.  "I saw it first".."Why do you have to do this to me".."Lower your voice darling, you are EMBARASSING me" and on and on and so on.

It was a $4 piece of cheap enamelware.
I wanted to slap them.
I really did.

Today, 2 years ago, a brave, courageous woman who's mantra was "NEVER GIVE UP DESPITE THE ODDS" lost her battle with cancer and left behind a small son and a man who adored her, a sister and nephew who will miss her every day, and a whole community who are still grieving for this remarkable woman.

The funny thing is, I never personally knew Claudia.  She was a teacher at my children's school. We had friends in common.  I knew of her in passing.  I remember a huge shock of frizzy wild hair and lots of laughter.  She was the sort of person that wore laughter like a shadow.  She inspired people.  Everyone loved her.  I hadn't realised how many people we had in common until through a cruel quirk Facebook suggested Claudia as a friend request two days after her death.

It is funny, I didn't know her in life, but her death has made me hold my own children tighter.  It has made me think more about the non-negotiables.  It has made me think more about the things I want to do with my life, and the person I want to be.  Most of all, Claudia reminds me not to take life for granted.  To appreciate each day for what it is.

RIP Claude.  You are being remembered by so many people in so many ways today.

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The Handmaden said...

It seems you've had a tough few weeks! I hope you find time to relax with your family and enjoy all your blessings this Christmas :)