Monday, February 24, 2014

Kick the Bucket February (and some extra knitting and some op shop finds!)

You could be mistaken for thinking that nothing was happening around here.  This month I have been diligently working on two of my biggest UFOs - Hannah's tardis poncho, and Maddie's quilt.  I am pleased to say that the quilt top was finished and basted last night and I hope to get to the quilting tonight and when my Apple Piecers friends are here on the weekend.
Last night I also sewed the ends in on the poncho and called it done!
This thing was epic.  Almost 800grams worth of handspun "Damson" with a pattern that was knitted in 11 pieces and that mock cable just about gave me a breakdown.  It is the biggest project I have ever tackled with my own spinning (aside from the blanket I made in 4" weaveit squares when I was a teenager and too young to know better!)  I am ceremoniously burning the pattern.  In the end I cheated and used a circular needle to pick up the armhole ribbing and the collar and I also pared down the collar as they wanted a whopping 122 stitches which would be fine if Hannah had a neck like Shrek's.  My 3 biggest lessons learned from this one: ALWAYS read the pattern before you say yes (no matter how much they beg and plead and look at you with big green eyes!) ALWAYS have the right amount of fibre on hand (and then some more for good measure!) And lastly, the designer doesn't always know best (I mean seriously? Why knit it in six panels and have stupid armholes that need to be done in 4 pieces?)

We had that rarest of rare things; a "free" weekend where no one had to go anywhere so we had a lovely mix of sleep ins and cooked breakfasts and quality time with the kidlets and knitting and sewing and generally hanging in my front room creating!
I finally sewed the ends in and put buttons on this:
I think this is circa 2005? Post Hannah and Pre-Dan?  I bought the buttons twice (one lot are still hiding in my sewing mess laughing at me!)  Then I finished off the embroidered Easter wallhanging which is based on a drawing Hannah did as a Preschooler!
February has also been the month of the hats.  I knit hats for the newborns at kindy and you would not believe how many babies have been born since enrolment day at the end of last year! I have totally exhausted my hat supply and had to knit up four in a hurry.  Now I have about a six week reprieve before the next kindy baby is due!

In between times I have managed some more scrapping (photos next time) and also snuck in a bit of op shopping! 
I love this old tablecloth (and yes that is a real tatted edge!) and I have plans for a birdie stitchery for that beautiful wooden frame.  Can you see the gorgeous gingham apron at the top with the crinoline lady and the dinky little crochet edged pocket? Be still my beating heart!  So lovely! All of the crochet cotton was only 10cents a ball but they were having a basket sale so I got my entire haul and a heap of clothes for $2.  Happy Happy!

So there you have it; 3 finished Kick the Bucket projects for February, and lots of other good things and crafty bits besides!  Hoping to have Maddie's quilt to show you very soon!
Keep smiling,

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Kelly Casanova said...

My goodness, that poncho was an epic project for sure! Are you sure you don't need one for yourself next? Just teasing. You've done very well, it's such a good feeling to finish off old projects :)