Saturday, October 4, 2014

Crafty Spring Days

Today I unexpectedly hosted my quilting group.  It was a good opportunity to clean up my workshop room (after a big inspired scrapping session last night you couldn't even see the table!)  Anyhow, it was a lovely Spring Day and I brought a little posy indoors:
One of the unexpected joys of having sewing here was that I could use my sewing machine (there are too many of us to fit machines at Christine's) so I got to finish this for Hannah for Christmas.  It will be filled with little bits and bobs for her embroidery.
Project is "Patchwork pouch" from
Then I got daring and cut this long piece of experimental weaving up and zig zagged it to make a bath mat which was edged with leftover binding.  A very satisfying project as most of the wool came from Ingrid's great destashification at Kathy's retreat last year.  This really was a "something from nothing" project and I love how it turned out.  Now I am kind of itching to go and buy new blue and green towels!
Being able to sew lengths of weaving together opens up a whole new world - I am no longer restricted to scarves!
After the girls went home I sewed in the ends on Evie's ear flap hat so I can get these in the mail to Ness this week.
I think there might be one of these for each of my kiddos in their stockings this year as Hannah and Maddie both loved them.

So all in all, a very productive day here.  Now I want to cast on an evening shawl in this beautiful "Paris" polwarth/silk/glitz blend.
Happy Spring crafting!

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