Thursday, October 2, 2014

Taking Stock: October

Time to take stock again - it seems to be a bit of a school holidays habit!
Making : lots of little crafty messes
Cooking : easy diet friendly stir fries
Drinking : water, trying hard to get into the habit of drinking lots more water each day
Reading: Alexander Mcall (more of the No 1 Detective Agency series) and about to reread "The Gentle Art of Domesticity" which I just love so much!
Wanting: school holidays to last longer
Looking: at nature playgrounds on pinterest and so many knitted/crocheted projects on ravelry
Playing: with texture (fibre/yarn) and colour (patchwork and scrapping)
Deciding: to clean off the top of the kitchen bench and try to keep it clean (our pool table has been clutter free for over a month so I know it is doable!)
Wishing: for a peaceful world
Enjoying: reruns of Seinfeld, cups of tea (especially T2 chai teabags), hugs with my kidlets
Waiting: to squish nieces and nephews at Christmas time (can you believe it is only 10 weeks away!!)
Liking: my ipod on shuffle, my husband on holidays, clothes drying in the sunshine
Wondering: if I can possibly knit this yummy handspun 4ply into an evening shawl before CTMH conference?
Loving: having my kidlets around, cruisy and happy and in holiday mode
Pondering: nothing too deep and meaningful - most often "what should we have for dinner?"
Considering: how to simplify both Christmas and my life in 2015
Watching: butterflies dance in the front garden, roses bloom in the back garden
Hoping: the sunshine holds, the diet sticks, the kids sleep in
Marvelling: at the beauty of spring and at how good spring makes me feel
Needing: extra hugs from my kids, especially my almost school-girl (so not ready for that to happen!)
Smelling: jasmine by the front door
Wearing: tights and big black boots and skivvies with dresses over the top
Following: pinterest boards and yummy blogs and way too much time on rav
Noticing: how tall they are getting - all of a sudden sleeves and pants legs are shorter and there is less room with all three of them on the couch, how much our lovely old dog is slowing down
Knowing: that kids grow up even when you don't want them too, and that we are lucky to be blessed with happy healthy kids 
Thinking: how truly blessed my life is (found a red and aqua sign today that says "Life is Wonderful" and I had to have it for my happy place)
Admiring: my clever friends; Helena who spins incredibly fine, Nim who makes up exquisite lace designs in her head, Katie who just won Early Childhood Teacher of the Year here in SA, Nic who seems to have 4 children AND a clean house
Sorting: Maddie's clothes, old cm clutter, fabric for library bags
Buying: Christmas presents (got quite a dent in the Christmas shopping today - determined to keep it real this year with the saying "Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read")
Getting: tired of the clutter and the excess and feeling like it is time to purge and simplify
Bookmarking: my novel using the cute little tag that Amy and Luke gave me for my birthday a few years ago ( it is red and white spots and aqua and I love it!)
Disliking: the uneasy situation in the Middle East, the million annoying appointments like new tyres and new brakes and dentists etc that are taking over my holidays
Opening: junk mail (spotlight catalogue) and my CTMH order
Giggling: over Maddie's antics with her hobby horse, and Dan's crazy sense of humour
Feeling: loved and happy
Snacking: on pecan nuts
Wishing: this happy holiday feeling could last through term time
Helping: kids cook

Loving Life in general

With thanks to Pip over at for letting me borrow her list.  If you are here and lurking I haven't heard from anyone in a while.  It would be nice to know you are still lurking here.
Happy Spring!

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