Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oh January I love You So!

What's not to love about January?  This has been the longest and laziest of Januarys (in the very best possible way!)  I love the way January days are generally warm and summery.  I love that they are not bound by dates and times and deadlines and who needs to be where when.  A few times I have not only not known what date it is, I have actually had to think what day it is!  Our January has been full of fresh, organic nectarines picked from the tree, salads thrown together with whatever is on hand, crafting (lots of crafting), swimming, even quite a few sleep-ins and reading in bed until the urge for coffee lures me out.  There has been a special weekend away with a great group of friends.  There has been time spent at the beach house with the Grandies.  There has been catch ups with friends that we rarely see in term time.  There has been lots of dreaming and planning and thinking about the year ahead.

I am not making resolutions this year - they are always the same and I never keep them.
I am not picking a word.
I am not even making a list.

This year I am conscious that I want to find balance, and make time, and enjoy the good things, the simple things, the little things.  The things that really matter in this one extraordinary life that I have been given.

Happy January!

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