Monday, January 26, 2015

Taking Stock: January

This has become a bit of a tradition, started over at by the lovely Pip.
Making : a "happy" bright pullover for me for kindy (much brighter than I would normally wear as a way of warding off the winter blues!)
Cooking : corn and bacon fritters
Drinking : pear cider (my new favourite Summer drink) and too many cups of coffee
Reading: Oh MY!!! "The Distant Hours" by Kate Morton. So good. Seriously good modern goth! I adored it and think I need it for my very own.
Wanting: January to end. Quite frankly it has been CRAPPY
Looking: Forward to February
Playing: Skipbo with my kiddos
Deciding: To spend more time with friends this year. To make the time.
Wishing: We lived in a world where only very old, very sick people died.
Enjoying: Downton Abbey season 5
Waiting: For Downton Abbery season 6 (and for cricket and tennis to end so that I can have my Better Homes and Gardens back on Friday nights)
Liking: Our cleaner (than it was) house
Wondering: If I could go through Maddie's clothes before school starts tomorrow
Pondering: The unfairness and the randomness
Considering: whether I could make park run a habit
Watching: The bunny amble outside the loungeroom window, the old dog sleeping by the door, the garden leaping forth in green and flowery verdant
Hoping: For a really good rest of the year
Marvelling: That my baby (MY BABY!?!?) starts school tomorrow!
Needing: Hugs and reassurance and lots of chocolate
Smelling: Roses (and taking the time too!)
Wearing: Comfy summer dresses
Following: too many conversations on ravelry and facebook
Noticing: that writing my "one sentence a day" is making me want to write more
Knowing: Children grow up way too quickly
Thinking: I wish they wouldn't LOL
Admiring: my friend Nae who has managed to take up running and enjoy it!
Sorting: Clothes, material, my sewing table
Buying: School clothes, ingredients for green smoothies
Getting: Anxious about first day back at school
Bookmarking: lots of crochet patterns on pinterest, and a plum cake recipe too
Disliking: the feeling that comes with knowing the holidays are over and term time is about to start
Opening: yet another packet of rice crackers
Giggling: over the antics of my kids
Feeling: sniffly and emotional
Snacking: on too many pecan nuts
Coveting: chocolate biscuits and endless wool stashes
Helping: organise memorial cards, and photo displays
Hearing: the chitter chatter of my children as they play Minecraft in the front room, the gentle hum of the fish bubbler, the slightest breeze outside
Spinning: A colourway called "happy" in a lovely merino blend
Sewing: a charity quilt for the bushfire victims
Scrapping: Briony's memorial album
Weaving: a scarf for my nephew
Knitting: a shawl called willow wind, and a second sock

Loving: My kiddos and my hubby just that little bit harder and tighter and longer knowing that other families are not so lucky

Bring on the rest of the year - lets put January behind us!

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