Thursday, March 9, 2017

Taking Stock: March

Joining in with Pip Lincolne to take stock of life as we head into a new season
Making : C2C wrap with love - love how easy C2C is but hate the nasty acrylic
Cooking : Bliss balls and healthy wholemeal apple muffins (trying a few new things for lunchboxes
Drinking : chai tea 
Reading: Tale of Two Cities (which I just can't get into) and Letters from Paris
Trawling: Bendigo Woollen Mills looking at luxury 8 ply
Wanting: to replenish my 8 ply stash
Looking: at the dead flowers on the coffee table and the dog hair on the carpet
Deciding: we really do need a decent vacuum cleaner
Enjoying: getting to know new kindy kids
Waiting: for my upcoming CTMH weekend and the Bungaree fibre retreat at the end of March
Liking: That I managed to get through everything on my to do list yesterday
Wondering: if that could be habit forming
Loving: A night at home before crazy week starts
Pondering: Why some people make dramas where there are none
Listening: to the hum of the fish tank and the sound of the bunny thumping around in her cage
Considering: How much battery power the laptop has left (I left my cord at kindy)
Buying: a present from T2 for my friend
Watching: Call the Midwife (seasons 1-3)
Marvelling: At how blessed we are
Cringing: At how messy the kitchen is
Needing: To pack for our Melbourne Conference
Questioning: What to wear
Smelling: Stinky rabbit and dead roses
Wearing: my work clothes and sensible shoes
Noticing: how slow the internet is tonight
Knowing: the year will fly by
Thinking: I should be typing risk assessments
Admiring: crochet patterns on ravelry
Getting: tired - I need more sleep
Disliking: how messy the kitchen is and how slow the internet is LOL
Opening: cold and flu tablets
Closing: pantry doors
Feeling: a little bit blah and sleepy
Celebrating: the new arrival of a friend's little daughter and another's news of impending birth
Pretending: to be more on top of things than I really am!
Embracing: life, chaos, and the day to day stuff in all of its messy glory.
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