Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Page a Day Layouts and Learning New Tricks

I think as a teacher I am very into the idea of life long learning, but I also think that sometimes I make things seem much bigger/more difficult than they actually are.  I am particularly bad with technology.  Which is why I find it quite amusing that after I wrote my to do list I went browsing on Pinterest and after reading the help tutorial learned how to "pin" things.  Yes, two days into my to do list I can tick that one off!

I have also been wanting to learn how to Navaho ply for ages.  My friend Kathy from kathysfibres.com does the most exquisite handpainted rovings that are just a delight to spin but often when I ply them I end up with "striping" or "barber pole" effect.  Navaho plying gives you longer gradations of colour without as much barber poling.  Anyway, I watched a few tutorials on You Tube and then this morning gave it a go...and it is easy...and fun...and now I can't wait to ply some more!!!  Tick another new trick off the list!

This colourway is "Ivy" and it has a bit of nummy silk in it (which you can't see in the photo but it gives it such a nice sheen!)

Sorry, I just couldn't crop this one - look at those chubby little fingers and toes - she is growing so quickly that I have to hold on to any shred of babyness while I can!

I haven't counted how many pages I have done so far but I do know that I am going through page protectors at a rapid rate so my guess would be about 35?
Hubby goes back to work tomorrow after a four day break so I think that I will be slowing down somewhat.

I managed to get some nice wool at Spotlight on clearance for $1.50 a ball so hoping I might be able to begin a Shalom cardigan for myself once I finish the socks.  The rule around here is always that you must finish two things before starting something new LOL.  The kids are about to start Vac Swim so I will need something to knit as I sit beside the pool!

Happy Tuesday,
Keep smiling,
p.s. My friend Jac has started a Gratitude Journal on her blog - today I am grateful for fresh, sun-ripened, 100% organic nectarines from our tree, and for the joy of Navaho Plying, and for the squeals of laughter and delight that a paddling pool produces around here!

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