Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple Living Pledge

I've been thinking about this coming year a lot.  Thinking about how I want our home to feel.  Thinking about how much I love reading to my kids but hate the nagging and whining and meltdowns that precede our bedtime stories.  Thinking about how much t.v. my kids watch and whether it is worthwhile.  Thinking about how I will cope later this year, working 3 days a week.  Thinking about how I tend to overcomplicate even the simple things.  Thinking about how much joy we get from our garden, from eating things we have grown or made from scratch.  Thinking LOTS.

When I saw thisKanelstrandI knew that I should get involved.  I think taking the Simple Living Pledge can mean different things for different people.  It certainly doesn't mean that I am planning on spending 3 weeks in the forest eating berries and foraging for edible weeds (not that I would judge you for that)  but it does mean that for 3 weeks I might have an everyday reminder to consume less, to live more, to dream more, to turn off the telly and play with my kids, to blow the dust off the pasta maker, to maybe "make do and mend" more often.  Hopefully it will be a reminder to declutter and simplify.

Bring it on.

p.s. to all you fellow Aussies, happy Australia Day!  We had an awesome day eating woodfire pizzas and chocolate pav with great friends!

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The Handmaden said...

I think ridding yourself of television is one of the best things you can do to simplify your life, we've been without one for nearly 7 years with NO regrets whatsoever.
Now if I can just cure myself of spending too much time on the internet......