Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life is good!

Loving -
Spending quality time with my sweet boy in the middle (and this silly selfie he took in front of the museum!)
Time spent with relatives
Spring blossoms, daffodils and sunshine
A small window of pleasurable sewing
The pleasure my children got from giving handmade father's day gifts
Maddie's current passion for photo bombing
The promise of days spent in a spring garden - although at the moment the roses need pruning and the vegie patch needs turning over in preparation for Spring vegies

Admiring -

my new spinning wheel; a Ron Doley purchase from ebay.  It is a bit noisy at the moment but I think after a service, and a few hours of getting to know each other we will get on fine!

Eating - lots and lots of rich celebratory food (including Auntie Rah's cherry cheesecake) and drinking champagne and red wine!

Celebrating - Fathers Day, Spring, Ruby my niece's birthday, 10 years as a Creative Memories consultant

Making - humbug bags for charity, hats for the multitude of new babies being born to school and kindy families, mittens for my tasmanian friend, a crazy scottie dog beanie for my Sydney friend.

Feeling grateful for our busy, crazy, blessed life.
Have a wonderful week!
Keep smiling,


Mamie Girl said...

Love the picy of you and your middle one ;)

Karen Middleton said...

Oh yes, loving the spring blossoms everywhere!