Saturday, September 29, 2012

This week..

This week there has been lots of hangin' with the cherubs.  There has been some knitting.  There has been some spinning.  There has been jelly, and pizza, and sand (lots of sand!) and rain, and pirates, and no power, and card games, and blocks and Little People.  There has been sleep ins, pancakes, scrapping, and a little bit of decluttering.  James picked up a new work ute.  Daniel discovered a wobbly tooth.  Maddie left her dummies behind at the beach house for the baby birds.  There is a feeling of change.
I am just savouring the simplicity, the peacefulness of the slower pace of the holidays, knowing that in just one more short week we will be back to being crazy busy.
Happy holidays.

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Mamie Girl said...

we are loving the quiet pace too. Loving all that sand and your pirates too :)